Imported Lamb Rack

500 gm

Our Imported Lamb Rack comes from some of the best farms. This high-quality Rack can be pan-fried, roasted, grilled or barbecued and then cut into Chops and served. Indulge in this prime cut of Lamb which is renowned for it's flavour and appearance.

Store in freezer at -18 degrees Celcius up to 30 days or check expiry.

INR 2300

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  • Ronnie D.

    Lamb Rack Cap Off

    The product has been wonderful. I prepared Chaap out of it. The taste of the meat was good. However, the high cost prevents me from using this product more than once a month.

  • Rocky M.

    Perfect Freezing

    Very impressed with the quality of freezing. Waiting to defrost and taste.

  • Edwina M.

    Delicious and Juicy Lamb Rack from LionFresh

    Excellent lamb of superior premium quality. One of my favorite items to order online from LionFresh.com. The lamb rack was delivered within 30 minutes of placing my order online. It comes nicely packaged and frozen. Once defrosted, I slightly browned all sides of meat on the rack for 2 minutes on a skillet and then placed it in a roasting tray in the oven with rosemary and garlic for 10-15minutes. The Lamb rack was so succulent, and all loved the dish. I will definitely order this online from LionFresh.com again!

  • Bharat S.

    Lamb Racks

    Great quality. Super meaty !

  • Jay B.

    Will definitely order again

    Excellent quality and service

  • Sudip

    Too much fat

    Great to have such quality products being made so conveniently in Delhi. I liked the taste of the lamb rack, but found too much fat on them. I then separated them out to discard post cooking. When I weighed the fat - it accounted for nearly 40% of the weight!

  • ria khanna

    Lamb rack

    Great quality with great services