Cooking Guidelines

Cooking Guidelines

What is the best way to cook the ready to eat sausages?

A. Fry in little oil for 6-10 min, simmer (not boiling) in water for 10 min or microwave on medium heat for 2 minutes.

How should I eat the ham?

A. It is best served as slice filling/topping in a sandwich as received or fried. If you choose the latter we recommend once cooked to cut into strips and added to salads, pasta, curry or as topping on a pizza.

Which is the best way to cook bacon?

A. Fry in little oil until golden brown or crispy pending on personal preference. Once taken off pan, lightly pad dry with a clean napkin to remove excess oil.

Is there a risk that I might undercook the bacon?

A. The bacon is already cooked when produced. It is only intended to be reheated as this is the best way bacon is consumed. There is no risk of undercooking bacon.

March 05, 2016 by Bharat Singh
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