LionFresh, Gurgaon & Delhi

LionFresh, Gurgaon & Delhi

There are days when you just want to skip lavish restaurants and prepare something delicious, restaurant style at home from your own hands. As they say home cooked cooked is always better and fresh. I decided to order some Kebabs and Raw meat from
An online site delivering raw meat, semi cooked non veg food across Gurgaon and Delhi.

Raw chicken Breast:

They say the highest amount of protein you get is from chicken breast and so I ordered this to prepared grilled chicken masala for dinner and it turned out to be amazing. You can also use this for salad which for me is used as a best post workout meal.  Order Online


Tandoori Kebabs:

I love kebabs and if it’s as yummy as what I ordered from Lion fresh, I am buying them again. The spices were done just right and tandoor, already. You need to add a few drops of oil and your starter is ready. MUST TRY. Order Online


Chicken Franks:

Chicken franks are another form of kebabs which can be prepared using few drops of oil in a pan. I personally like spicy kebabs and this was little bland for me. Order Online


Chilli Chicken Breast:

Chicken hams stuffed with chilli pepper. They can easily be cooked using a pan or grilled. I prefer using them for a sandwich which brings out the soft, succulent taste of the hams. Yes, hams with dips/chutneys can be another way.Order Online



They deserve full points on delivery and packaging.

Quick and on time delivery!

Let’s order Nonveg!

October 24, 2016 by Abhishek Jain
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