Convenient Raw Meat ordering

Convenient Raw Meat ordering

These days online order of Raw Meats has been trending and a lot of companies have started delivering high quality meat at your door step. We didn’t want to lag behind and tried ordering from Lion Fresh . This is one such platform and to our surprise, the products were of very high quality, packed and sealed very well (see pictures below). Every dish had detailed information of the product, its storage and its method of cooking.

Our Order: Chicken Chorizo, Chicken Seekh and Pulled chicken.

While the Chorizo had a shelf life of 40 days, the other two had a shelf life of 4 months! We cooked ate at our convenience and pleasure.

Chorizo was soft and peppery and Seekh was super soft but super spicy. We haven’t cooked the Pulled chicken as yet though.

Overall, Lion fresh impressed with its quality, hygienic packaging and good descriptions  and we shall surely order again at home.

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November 12, 2016 by Abhishek Jain
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